Jennifer helped me figure out the right foods to alleviate my ongoing health issues. As a working mom and a generally lazy cook, it was important to me that I have a simple road map to follow. Jennifer explained complex nutritional concepts to me in plain English, and created a shopping list and easy-to-follow meal plan that I’ve been able to use again and again to feed myself and my family. She is awesome!



I am so grateful for Jennifer’s knowledge and instruction about the low FODMAP diet.  I went on vacation for the first time in years without difficult GI issues!



I first saw Jennifer because I was preparing to start IVF a few months later, and wanted to get my weight and nutrition under control. Nutrition and health is a huge part of the preparation phase of IVF, as it plays directly into the quality of your eggs as a female. She took the time to read through all of the information I had been given from my Reproductive Endocrinologist, and then did a thorough questionnaire on her end to assess what was the best approach for us to take.  She spent a full 2 hours with me in the first appointment!  I left that appointment with a game plan, and started following the plan we had set right away.  Within the first 6 weeks of following my lifestyle change, I lost 12 lbs and felt better than I had in years!  We found out about 10 weeks into my ‘new normal’ that I was actually pregnant, without IVF, after 2 years of trying to conceive and treatments!  I truly believe that the changes Jennifer helped me to make was a huge factor in this miracle, and I am forever grateful!



My sister who has a serious neurological condition has been fortunate to have Jennifer Seay as her nutritional consultant. Jennifer is very knowledgeable, attentive and delightful- and she has expertly recommended nutritional intake both by feeding tube and by mouth. She has played a key role on my sisters care team, and my sister and her family are grateful to Jennifer for her highly professional, conscientious and compassionate care.



I was told by my Endocrinologist and Gastroenterologist I needed to see a dietitian because I had just been diagnosed with celiac disease.  I was given a card to see Jennifer and was very happy that I did.  She was so professional and sweet.  Her office was convenient and parking was free and easy.  She was so willing to meet me whenever it would be convenient for my schedule.  Jennifer was knowledgable and gave me great information on my gluten free diet.  She let me know there was so much more out there to eat than I realized there was.  I felt she had such a positive attitude about my celiac diagnosis that it made me feel better about it.  Her follow through was great.  I can tell she genuinely cares about her patients.  I have referred several friends to her already and have told my referring physicians about how good she is.  I highly recommend Jennifer.



I started seeing Jenn after being diagnosed with severe gastroparesis that was not responding to treatment, and I had no idea what else to try.  Jenn was incredibly helpful at working with me to establish healthy practices, find specific foods that I could tolerate, supplements to fill in nutritional gaps, etc.  Unfortunately, I still ended up needing to have a feeding tube placed a few months later, but Jenn was invaluable to me during that process.  She helped me prepare for the transition, sort out issues when I was in the hospital, and gave helpful advice and suggestions for adjusting to life with a feeding tube.  She spends time researching my rare disorders and gives specific, concrete suggestions that are helpful for improving daily life.  Even though she is not covered on my insurance and there are other nutritionists who are, I still find it worthwhile to try to see Jenn because she has been more helpful than any other nutritionist I have talked with.  Jenn has been a lifesaver – literally in my case!  I fully trust her advice, and Jenn has made dealing with seemingly overwhelming diagnoses much more manageable.  With Jenn’s help, I went from being malnourished and struggling to get the nutrients that I needed to being much more confident in the choices that I am making and being able to reach out to Jenn with question or concerns and know that I am not alone on this journey.