Custom Meal Planning

I often have clients ask me to create a custom meal plan for them.  But here’s the thing: following a specific meal plan doesn’t work in reality for most people.  There are some exceptions to this, for example if there is any fear of eating involved (as is the case in some digestive health patients), or another example would be if a client is weaning from a tube feeding.  These are cases where meeting minimum calorie goals for weight maintenance are essential.  In these cases, as well as a few others, a custom meal plan may be beneficial.

Another example of when a custom meal plan would work is if a client just wants some meal ideas based on their food preferences, but doesn’t plan on following it to a T.  This can certainly be productive!

I charge my hourly rate for developing custom meal plans, $150 per hour.  A 3 day meal plan typically takes a little over an hour; a 5 day meal plan typically takes a little over two hours, and a full week meal plan typically takes 3-4 hours.