Outside In


Hi!  My name is Jennifer Teems Seay.  I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and I am the nutrition counselor for Outside In Nutrition.  I have practiced as a Dietitian Nutritionist since 2008, serving a diverse mix of people from those managing complex medical conditions to those who are well and wishing to prevent disease.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and a Master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Georgia.  I started out practicing in New York City in the Mount Sinai medical system.  In more recent years, I have returned to my home state of Georgia and have consulted for both the School Nutrition Program and for patients of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, where I worked for four years.  I live just outside of Decatur, Georgia with my husband John, my daughters Edie and Lane, and Harold the dog.  The things I love most in life are my family, my friends, getting outside in any capacity, music, yoga, and cooking healthy foods for my adventurous little ones!
Though I have experience in many areas of nutrition, I work mostly with adults and adolescents.  I am most passionate in the areas of digestive health, cardiovascular health, and in maintaining health and wellness in general.  There is so much evidence to support nutrition counseling as a key piece to successful treatment with heart and digestive health, and I believe I can have the most impact in my career by focusing my energies and efforts in these very specific arenas rather than being a generalist.